Filling Out Your Consultation Questionnaire

In preparation for your Dynamic Emotional Integration® consultation (also known as DEI), please fill out and submit this questionnaire.

Your information — here and in your DEI consultation — will remain confidential.

The information you provide here will help me understand your emotional strengths and challenges, the current social and emotional situations you’re dealing with, and the supportive resources you have in your life. I look forward to learning more about you! ~Amanda Ball.

Your DEI Consultation Questionnaire

  • As you answer these questions, treat them as a snapshot of your current situation, behavior, skills, challenges, and resources - so that we can focus clearly on your present-day situation. Thank you!
  • About Your Situation

  • About You

  • About Your Support System

  • About This Consultation



Thank you! You will receive a copy of your answers by e-mail.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!