What Motivates Getting Things Done

Procrastination, Emotions, and Success

In this surprising and valuable book, psychologist Mary Lamia explores the importance of anxiety, which she identifies as the emotion of motivation.

Dr. Lamia also identifies two ways that we work with our anxiety. In one, which she calls task-oriented, we are motivated by tasks and tend to complete them in a step-by-step way, one after another.

In the other motivational style, deadline-oriented, we may not appear to be working at all as we think and plan our tasks at a somewhat unconscious level, and then complete our work in a flurry right before a deadline.

This motivational style is also called procrastination!

What Motivates Getting Things Done is a very useful book for task-oriented people, and it’s a goldmine for deadline-oriented procrastinators, whose motivational style is almost never seen as a valid or valuable way to get things done.

It is! Task-orientation and procrastination are equally valid ways to get things done. Thank you, Dr. Lamia!

You can learn more or purchase What Motivates Getting Things Done here.

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