The Universal and the Personal – Who are my emotions to me?

by licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson

By diving into the vast territory of emotions there are so many different things to learn and ways to approach deepening our emotional skillsets. In the teachings of The Language of Emotions (thank you Karla!) the universal emotions are introduced to us along with each emotions’ particular set of gifts, functions, signs when they are flowing or stuck and so on.

This was what I liked best about my re-introduction to emotions; I now had a bit of a blueprint to know what to watch out for when they came up. Anxiety helps me plan, anger helps me with boundaries, check! The intellectual elements I could well understand and was able to access these lessons in my memory.

There was still a bit of a hiccup though, in being able to bridge beyond intellectually understanding a concept of an emotion to feeling and engaging with what that activated emotion actually felt like inside of me. This was an entirely different undertaking.

With this expanded focus a bridge from learning about anger extended to include the experience of what it felt like to have my anger/my fear/my sadness activated and alive in me. I knew that I had tapped into a second set of information that I didn’t know was even missing. I could now notice how my sadness brings a softening to my back while my fear has me literally leaning forward to gather more information.

Taking that bridge from learning about the universal emotions to becoming interested in what our personal experience of each emotion is, has a huge degree of intimacy and will be uniquely personal for each of us. Not taking that step consciously and purposefully leaves a degree of disconnection between our emotional education and emotional experience thus encumbering the natural flowing or channeling with our emotions when they’re present.

In the upcoming workshops Curating Your Emotions Map, we are going to be taking that bridge of opening to our own individual emotion experience. We will do a little learning, and then a little experiencing, a little learning and a little experiencing as we visit each of the emotions.

The first workshop introduces you to the emotions of the Anger and Sadness Families, and the second workshop to the emotions of the Fear and Happiness Families.

Key Workshop Takeaways

At the conclusion of these two experiential sessions you will:

    • Have begun to gather your personal set of emotion cues from your body, mind, and spirit for each emotion.
    • Have a repeatable process to go in and see how your relationship changes with recognizing your emotional cues over time.
    • Have another opportunity to learn the universal qualities of each emotion.
    • Better understand the members of each emotion family.
    • Practice pendulating from the universal emotion to your own personal experience of each emotion.
    • Notice the difference between intellectually understanding an emotion and feeling your emotions inside of you.

If you’ve ever wondered how to translate and transmute the universal emotions into a more integrated personal emotion experience, this workshop duo is calling your name!

Curating Your Emotions Map

Dates: Feb 26th and March 5th
Time: 10am PST, runtime 1.5 hours each
Instructor: Licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson
Cost: $45 CAN each (includes workshop resources and access to a recording for a limited time)*

*While the workshops are intended to be a two-part series, sign up is separate for each session to allow for flexibility.

Learn More and Register

For more details about Heather and So Sensitive – Emotion Empowerment in Action, visit Heather’s website:

Heather Giasson
Heather Giasson

Heather Giasson is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and has a clinical practice as a Registered Acupuncturist. She has found that including the mental-emotional aspect of her clients’ wellbeing often holds the key to their optimal health. This inclusive approach is what led Heather to DEI, and has remained a core component of her work. Her DEI work is virtual through her website and allows her to offer availability beyond her in-person practice. View Heather’s website: So Sensitive.

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