The Power of Emotions at Work

Accessing the Vital Intelligence in Your Workplace

In her newest book (August, 2021), researcher and workplace consultant Karla McLaren explores the emotional condition of the modern workplace. Sadly, the news isn’t good.

In all studies of workplace mental health, researchers have found that the workplace overwhelmingly creates unhealthy and even emotionally abusive environments that negatively affect the health and well-being of workers.

We’ve all been taught that “being professional” means suppressing our honest emotions while we’re on the clock — but research clearly shows that this leads to a loss in productivity, diminished creativity, and crushing job dissatisfaction.

It’s also very expensive: Gallup workplace research from 2017 estimated that the misery our workplaces create drains hundreds of billions of dollars from the US economy alone, every single year.

In this groundbreaking book, McLaren returns the emotions to their rightful place at the center of workplace cultures, and teaches readers how to create emotionally well-regulated social structures that support and protect everyone.

The Power of Emotions at Work explores many simple ways to create humanizing, comfortable, emotionally well-regulated, and truly functional workplaces for everyone.

You can learn more or purchase The Power of Emotions at Work here.

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