The Gift of Fear

And Other Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence by Gavin de Becker

This month’s Great Read can help you access the genius in your fear and anxiety. Gavin de Becker is a security expert who tells us how to work with our innate intuition — our fear — so that we can detect and avoid violence.

The Gift of Fear is a wonderful handbook for people who have survived violence, or for people who are filled with anxiety; to both types of people, de Becker offers concrete information about how to detect danger and keep ourselves safe:

Covering all the dangerous situations people typically face — street crime, domestic abuse, violence in the workplace — de Becker provides real-life examples and offers specific advice on restraining orders, self-defense, and more. But the key to self-protection, he demonstrates, is learning how to trust — and act on — our own intuitions. For everyone who’s ever felt threatened, this book is essential reading.

One of the most important things de Becker suggests is to avoid TV news as if it were the plague, since it fills people with fears and anxieties that have nothing to do with their real lives, and confuses them about the true hazards they need to be aware of. This book is a must-read for everyone.

Learn more or purchase The Gift of Fear here.

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