The Art of Gathering

How We Meet and Why it Matters

This month’s Great Read helps us look at meetings and gatherings in new ways so that we can build meaning and purpose into our meetings, parties, get-togethers, and gatherings.

Author Priya Parker specializes in conflict resolution and change management in organizations, and through her work, she learned how to set up meetings that prepared people to be successful in the face of difficulties.

The Art of Gathering explores the reasons behind planning and managing your gatherings, and asks what your intentions are: why are you gathering? Who should be involved (and who should not)? What kind of space and time creates the most successful gathering? How do you maintain the energy and flow of a gathering? How do you know when to end a gathering?

If you run or attend meetings or gatherings of any kind, this book can help you understand them better, plan them more intentionally, and create a welcoming and vibrant space for people to meet and connect.

This book is a generous offering from a graceful host. Thank you, Priya Parker!

You can learn more or purchase The Art of Gathering here.

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