New! Empathy and Self-Care Course

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Tending your world without losing yourself

~ 4-week online course starts Monday, March 18th ~

Whether you realize it or not, your empathy and your emotions are always working on behalf of you and your relationships. When you understand how essential your emotions and empathy are in navigating the complexities of living, you can take better care of them, and of yourself. Learning to balance the amount and kind of empathy work you do with the restorative and nourishing self care you need allows you to live fully in an increasingly chaotic and challenging world.

Join dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant Sandi Davis for a 4-week exploration of the gifts and challenges of meeting the emotional waves of life while making sure you’re not depleting yourself.

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Course Details

Length: 4 weeks

Dates: Monday, March 18th, to Friday, April 12th, 2019

Price: $145

Learning and Interaction Structure: Curriculum contains written components and PDF downloads, forum discussions, and interactive one-hour weekly webinars using the Zoom video conferencing program.

Live Webinar Discussions: These 75-minute sessions (one session each course week) will be on Wednesdays at 11am Pacific Time (these sessions will be recorded on our private server if you cannot attend).

Webinar Schedule: Wednesdays at 11am to 12:15pm Pacific Time on March 20th, March 27th, April 3rd, and April 10th.

Time Commitment: You’ll read or watch the course curriculum and interact in the forum on your own schedule (plan for a minimum of two to three hours per week), and you’ll meet with Sandi and your classmates for 75 minutes in the Zoom each week.

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Sandi Davis

Sandi Davis is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant & Trainer living in Sonoma County, California. Her work centers on helping people integrate the deep wisdom of the soul while navigating the challenges of day to day living. Her workshops and consultations focus on healthy empathy, learning the language of emotions, and the role of ritual, myth, symbol, and the creative process in growth and fulfillment. Known for blending the soulful with the practical and grounded, Sandi is a Certified Co-Active Coach and holds degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology.


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