Introducing Emotion Swells: Reaching Life Destinations!

Emotion Swells

by Andrea Watkins, licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant

Andrea Watkins

Long ago, before sextants or GPS, sailors navigated by using constellations, winds, and ocean waves. When it was daylight or the stars in the night sky were veiled by cloud cover, skilled navigators would slow down to feel the swells, harness the power of their fiery visions and dreams, and make adjustments to their course based on what they sensed and dreamed.

Before embarking on a journey, the team would plot their course and place their desired destination in a “box”. This box could be as small as 100 miles wide and as much as 400 miles wide. Their navigation skills were so sharp, so honed, that if they landed in the box, they would be able to navigate to their desired destination. The skilled navigators had a saying, “If you can read the ocean you will never be lost”.

I like to imagine us Language of Emotions and Art of Empathy fans as ancient sailors navigating the oceans of our lives. The sensations emotions produce in our bodies are like the swells in the sea, if we can slow down, observe them, track their patterns, and tap into our own fiery vision and imagination, we can make adjustments to our behaviors, our beliefs, our relationships, and our emotional responses. Instead of landing in the realm of a box, we can land in the realm of who we really are.

I like the new saying, “If you can read your emotions you will never be lost”.

At Emotion Swells it is our mission to create a movement through which people can connect with their emotions and hone their empathic skills so that we can consistently land in the realm of who we really are and can navigate the rest of the way to a full life. Skills give us the power of discernment. Discerning individuals are considered to possess wisdom, and be of good judgement; especially so with regard to subject matter often overlooked by others.


I can’t wait to build our skills and learn more about our emotions together!

Much love and reverence,




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Andrea Watkins

Andrea Watkins is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She is based in Denver, Colorado and travels frequently for work and pleasure. She is a public speaker, a self-care ritual creator, and coach. Her exploration of the tension between expressing who we really are and the need to belong, perform, and survive in the social world helps her in teaching the skills and practices of DEI. Visit Andrea’s website: Emotion Swells.