How Emotions Are Made

The Secret Life of the Brain

This month’s Great Read is by a researcher who has upended the entire study of emotions.

Lisa Feldman Barrett is a professor of Psychology and a groundbreaking brain researcher who has led us into a new understanding of how the brain works, how emotions work, and why so many of our accepted ideas about the brain are mistaken or just plain wrong.

How Emotions Are Made is a startling book that takes you on a journey through the brain and through the history of ideas about the brain.

Dr. Feldman Barrett helps you understand your brain as a predicting organ that helps you make quick decisions and actions based on information you gathered in the past. She also shares information about emotions, which are also predictive rather than reactive (which is exactly backward to the way most of us have learned about them).

She also helps you understand how to work with and around the predictive mechanisms of your brain so that you can live more intentionally and perhaps challenge the prejudices and swift emotional decisions that our kind of brain tends to make. 

This is fascinating and essential reading for any brain owner.

You can learn more or purchase How Emotions Are Made here.


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