Get in Touch with Your Emotional Genius in Cobourg, Ontario!

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With Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer Francine Bélanger

When: Sunday, November 27 from 9am to 12pm
Where: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Have you ever been told “You’re too emotional, too sensitive” “You need to toughen up”? Yet, your emotions are an important aspect of who you are and they carry crucial information.

Francine-squareI’m excited to offer a workshop that will allow you to discover a new way to look at and deal with your emotions. You will also practice skills to support you in gaining access to all your emotions and their healing abilities.

All emotions have gifts that you can access to improve your life!

I invite you to Get in Touch with Your Emotional Genius

I am Francine Bélanger, and as a Licensed Trainer of Dynamic Emotional Integration®, I teach people how to work in partnership with their emotions so that they can make the best possible decisions that honour both their rational and their emotional intelligence. When we skillfully harness our emotions’ intelligence, we can lead a more fulfilled life at home, at work, and in our community.

I’d love to see you on Sunday, November 27th in Cobourg! Contact me by e-mail if you have any questions.

Further Details

During this 3-hour workshop, I will guide you through a mixture of lecture, discussion, experiential exercises and journaling to help you:

  • Explore Your Internal Balance Between Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions & Discover Ways to Foster Balance Within Yourself.
    (After all, we come into this world equipped with all 4 aspects. So why would we neglect or deny resources available to us?)
  • Learn More About Your Emotions & Consider a New Way to Look at and Deal with Them
  • Discover the Emotional Skills You Already Have
  • Practice Skills to Support You in Gaining Access to All Your Emotions and Their Healing Abilities

When: Sunday, November 27 from 9:00am to 12:00pm
Where: Indigo Healing Centre, 438 Division Street, 3rd floor, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
Cost: $60 Canadian (cash or cheque payable to Mosaic Connections)

Contact Francine by e-mail for more information, or to sign up for this workshop.