Francine Bélanger

Ontario, Canada and Europe

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer

Francine Bélanger is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer. She offers DEI workshops and presentations in both English and French in Northumberland County, Ontario (where she resides), across Canada, and overseas. Francine is also a certified life coach and a yoga instructor. After nearly twenty years as an executive in the world of high finance, she founded Mosaic Connections, dedicated to help people go from a “ho-hum” life to a fulfilled life. Francine works mostly with women, including women in leadership positions and young women aspiring to such roles.

DEI Trainer Badge

Francine’s Teaching Philosophy: I am passionate about guiding people in understanding the unique and crucial role emotions play in their lives. Once we learn how to skillfully harness our emotions’ intelligence, we can lead more fulfilled lives at home, at work, and in our communities. It is thrilling to witness the shift we can undergo when we start treating our emotions as allies.