Four Pillars of a Whole life?

Join Karla McLaren and Anxioneers and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals Bobbi McIntyre from South Carolina, Sandi Davis from California, and Sherry Olander in Virginia in this exploration of the Four Pillars: Art, Ritual, Practice, and Community.



Sandi shares the many ways that her art practices have provided space and time for self-care in her life, and especially when her anxiety is intense. Art helps work with anxiety in a welcoming and flowing way.

Bobbi discusses her favorite practices, which include grounding, focusing, rejuvenation, burning contracts, and conscious complaining in the car. These practices have supported her anxiety, especially when it gets very activated in relation to what’s going on in the world today.

Karla talks about ways she’s learned to find community during a time when we can’t physically be together, and Sherry explores the similarities in the different pillars and how they interact with one another.

Embracing Anxiety is available here.

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