Escaping Utopia

Growing Up in a Cult, Getting Out, and Starting Over

This month’s Great Read helps us look at the usually hidden world of cults so that we can understand how they work, how they entrap people, and how people can get out.

Many people think that cults are bizarre groups filled with lost people, but the work of international cult expert Janja Lalich helps us see cults as human groups that are different from healthy groups in four specific ways.

Janja was a cult member in her early life, and her coauthor, Karla McLaren, grew up in a cult as well. Their combined experiences, plus the stories of 65 other cult members who escaped and built new lives, can help bring these kinds of group into clearer focus.

The message in Escaping Utopia is that we can understand cults and help people who are currently in cults. We can also help people who have escaped from these unhealthy and abusive groups.

This book tells the stories of children and teens who grew up in cults — many of them as second or third generation members — and explores how they escaped, how they survived, and how they rebuilt their lives.

It’s a story of hope as much as it is an exploration of how cults work, and it’s a very timely book.

You can learn more or purchase Escaping Utopia here.

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