Entering the Sacred River of Grief

A Community Healing Ritual

This course is already in progress, and it will be offered again later in the year.

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2-week online course into 3-day ritual $225

Grief is a powerfully healing emotion that helps us mourn our losses and honor that which is gone forever.

In Entering the Sacred River of Grief, you’ll learn about the important aspects of good ritual and gather together to mourn, to cry, to laugh, to rage; and to feel into the depths of your grief in an empathic community.

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Entering the Sacred River of Grief

Length: 2 weeks leading into a 3-day ritual

Dates: Coming Soon

Instructors: Karla McLaren, M.Ed.; Licensed DEI Professionals, Sherry Olander and Andrea Watkins

Cost: $225

Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

Embracing the Sacred River of Grief is already in progress but will be offered again soon. Visit Empathy Academy to see other upcoming courses.

Karla McLaren, M.Ed
Sherry Olander, Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant
Andrea Watkins, Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant

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