Emotions Supporting the Whole You

by licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson

Taking a wholistic view of health turns conversations from an isolated compartmentalized view, to knowing that anything that happens in the body is connected to everything else also defined as being part of that whole. There is inter-connection and inter-relatedness within all parts of the whole and all parts are necessary to harmonized overall function.

That is just too many words. In short, everything that is you – belongs.

Leap-frog along with me now, because there are invisible things like consciousness, emotions, spirit, and life itself included as parts of you. These are things you cannot hold in your hands, yet they are parts of you as a whole and have purpose and function to contribute.

What I would describe as the self, has distinctive team members: mind, body, emotions, and spirit to name 4 big ones. (Sometimes we’re divided into 4 elements, other times 5, so I leave room for what I don’t know and other possibilities of understanding to be out there). My background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so that integrative systemic view is pretty well ingrained in me at this point!

Each of those teammates have specific strengths and areas they excel in, whereas they also have areas they are not proficient in. Think of using the most effective tool that is appropriate for a certain task. Shovels and screwdrivers are both tools, but digging a hole in the yard is going to be way easier with a shovel don’t you think?

How often I wonder, do we feel the impact of not knowing or utilizing the skills, gifts, functions, and supports trying to be brought forth by and through our emotions? If the prevailing attitude towards emotions is anything like, ‘emotions only get in my way’, or ‘I just want to stop feeling this way’ or the doozie of ‘emotions are a sign of weakness’, there’s a solid chance that a teammate is being sidelined to the bench.

I remember what is was like to choose teams as a kid – I didn’t think very kindly toward the value of the last person chosen for the team. I’ve been that kid picked last in other situations and there was very little sense of inclusion. The kicker here is that we come with all of our parts built in – there was no choice in our team and if we continue to not see or connect to the value our emotions bring us, we automatically miss out on harnessing the power, gifts, and support they could be giving us.

There aren’t many inclusive models out there to learn about emotions, and I just end up looking at the emotion aspect of self as remaining underdeveloped and deconditioned. Untended is maybe another way to put it. Happily, with support from the foundational model of Dynamic Emotional Integration® there is a place to change all that.

Connecting to our emotions and their function can come from the head-on approach of identifying your emotions and then engaging with them, but what happens if you can’t quite recognize more than you are feeling something and get stuck?

That new saying “I’m feeling some kind of way” has me a little bit excited because for emotions to have more room to grow we have to give them a little space to begin with. Maybe times and tides are changing towards more emotional inclusion! The upcoming Discover Your Emotions as Allies workshop is a great first step to be introduced to your emotions through the gifts they bring.

Gifts like self-esteem, conviction, rest, connection, boundaries, and playfulness, to name a few, sound like great things to have access to, right?!

During the 2-hour workshop you’ll have an immersive experience through the process of examining your emotions by way of the gifts they bring us, discovering your emotion identification skills, and bringing a new degree of awareness to your current emotional engagement patterns that are already unfolding. You’ll also be introduced to each emotions’ unique set of engagement questions in order to take that next step of processing the genius already contained within that aspect of you.

DEI and its inclusive approach to emotions being a vital part of our psyches is a secret I don’t want to keep quiet anymore, so let’s spread the word…

Emotions are our allies!

Click the link below to register for the workshop, hope to see you there!

Exploring Your Emotions as Allies

Date: 10am PST, January 22nd on Zoom
Duration: 2 hours
Instructor: Licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson
Cost: $25

Learn More or Register at Empathy Academy

For more details about Heather and So Sensitive – Emotion Empowerment in Action, visit Heather’s website: www.sosensitive.ca.

Heather Giasson
Heather Giasson

Heather Giasson is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and has a clinical practice as a Registered Acupuncturist. She has found that including the mental-emotional aspect of her clients’ wellbeing often holds the key to their optimal health. This inclusive approach is what led Heather to DEI, and has remained a core component of her work. Her DEI work is virtual through her website and allows her to offer availability beyond her in-person practice. View Heather’s website: So Sensitive.

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