Embracing Emotions in Clinical Practice

Exploring the Empathic Paradigm

This course is already in progress.

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6-week online course $385

In this course for mental health professionals, we will explore the empathic paradigm of Dynamic Emotional Integration®, which approaches all emotions as uniquely healing and essential aspects of cognition, decision-making, behavior, and action.

Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

Embracing Emotions in Clinical Practice

Online at Empathy Academy

Length: 6 weeks

Dates: In-Progress


    • Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

    • Sarah Alexander, LCSW, licensed DEI Professional

    • Amanda Ball, MS, licensed DEI Professional

Cost: $385 (Includes the Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook)

Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

Karla McLaren, M.Ed
Sarah Anderson, LCSW; Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant
Amanda Ball, MS; Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant

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