Embracing Anxiety

How to Access the Genius of This Vital Emotion by Karla McLaren

This month’s Great Read is a book we’re excited to share! It’s Karla McLaren’s brand new book about the gifts and skills your anxiety brings to you.

Embracing Anxiety is an in-depth guide to the emotion Karla calls “your task-completion expert.” She helps you work with anxiety directly and identify the many other emotions that pair up with anxiety to help you complete your tasks and meet your deadlines skillfully.

Karla writes: 

Most of us have been taught to feel ashamed about or afraid of our anxiety, or to treat it as a sign of weakness or trouble. Some people even talk about anxiety as an epidemic, as if it’s a serious disease that’s also contagious. This is a shame because anxiety is an essential emotion with an important job to do: it helps us look ahead, organize ourselves, and gather the energy we need to get things done. As with any other emotion, anxiety can become unbalanced, uncomfortable, and even overwhelming, but in this book, you’ll learn why that happens so that you can work skillfully with your anxiety (even if your anxiety is painful or disruptive right now) and access its many gifts.

Your anxiety is a vital part of your emotional realm, without which you couldn’t get anything done. This book can help you embrace your anxiety so that you can live more peacefully and more skillfully.

Read more or purchase Embracing Anxiety here.

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