Marion Langford

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marion Langford, M.Ed. is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer. She offers DEI consultations to individuals who are leaders in their organizations or communities, or people heeding the call to become leaders in their own lives. Marion’s Master’s Degree in Adult Learning marked the start of a lifelong fascination with how we grow as adults through different life events. Whether you’re facing a serious health diagnosis, the loss of an important relationship or dream, or you’re taking steps to fulfill an important leadership role in your community or organization, I can help you acquire the emotional skills and empathic capacities important to you. 

Marion's Consulting Approach: I see my role is to listen deeply and to ask questions that help you clarify the genius of your emotions, and to craft with you some practices that will support and strengthen you to address both your life and leadership tasks. What is a DEI Consultation?