Embracing Procrastination

In this video, Karla McLaren introduces two perfectly acceptable ways that people work with their anxiety, based on the work of Dr. Mary Lamia in her book What Motivates Getting Things Done. Dr. Lamia calls these two styles task-oriented and deadline-driven (which is also referred to as procrastination). Both ways of working with anxiety are valuable and necessary, and neither is better or worse than the … Read More

Meet the Anxioneers!

In this video, Karla McLaren introduces the Anxioneers. The Anxioneers are licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI) professionals from all over the world. The Anxioneers met regularly to support Karla in writing her 2020 book, Embracing Anxiety. This video kicks off a series of conversations about the genius of anxiety with the Anxioneers!

Introducing Embracing Anxiety!

This month, we’re introducing a new video-series based on Karla McLaren’s newest book, Embracing Anxiety! In this video, Karla explores the many ways that anxiety is confused with other emotions and conditions. Although anxiety works alongside these other emotions and conditions, it contains specific gifts and skills to help you:  Anxiety helps you gather all of your resources to complete your tasks and meet your deadlines. … Read More

Shame and Contentment Rely on Each Other

Introducing two emotions that should work together Shame and contentment are close friends, and when they work well, they almost always work together. These two social emotions they help us become respectful and respectable people with healthy self-esteem. You can watch longer individual videos on each of these emotions on our YouTube channel: The Emotions and Their Gifts playlist at YouTube May your shame and contentment … Read More

Sadness, Grief, and Depression are Necessary

A short video on three healing emotions in the Sadness Family There are three emotions in the Sadness Family that help us us let go, restore ourselves, mourn, and rejuvenate ourselves: sadness, grief, and depression. All three of these emotions are connected, but each has a specific purpose and you can learn how to work with them individually and together by understanding their similarities and differences. … Read More

Fear, Anxiety, and Panic are Necessary

A short video on three vital emotions in the Fear Family Fear, Anxiety, and Panic are up for many of us right now and they have important information to share with us. You can learn how to embrace the gifts and skill these emotions bring to you. It’s normal to feel multiple emotions, especially in times of trouble. Fear, anxiety, and panic bring you very specific … Read More

Multiple Emotions are Necessary

A short video on why it’s important for your emotions to work together Starting this month, we’re exploring how multiple emotions arise together to support each other, especially during difficult and uncertain times. Your emotions bring you gifts and skills, and it’s normal to require more than one gift and more than one skill! In this video Karla McLaren introduces one of the Four Keys to … Read More

Cards! The Language of Emotions card deck

Have you ever wished you had flash cards for your emotions?   In this video Karla introduces her Language of Emotions card set. This card set is a quick and easy way to reference the skills in each of the 17 emotions and each of the 5 Empathic Mindfulness practices.

The Magic of Weasel Words

How can you speak about emotions with people who don’t want to talk about them?   In this video, Karla McLaren introduces the concept of “stress” as a weasel word that people use to avoid or hide from their emotional awareness. “Stress is an emotional reaction. To use the word stress is a way to hide emotional awareness from ourselves.” Luckily, you can increase your vocabulary … Read More

Your Free Emotional Vocabulary List!

This month, we’re focusing on your emotional vocabulary, and how it can help you understand and regulate your emotions.   In this video, Karla McLaren explores the importance of having a large emotional vocabulary to describe how you’re feeling. Understanding and being able to describe your emotions in their different intensities can help you become more emotionally aware, and more emotionally skilled.  You can download this … Read More

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