Educate with Empathy – a more effective way to learn.

~ by Anchen Texter,  DEI Trainer & Consultant Comfort and safety are feelings you might not associate with online courses, but these two values are at the core of empathic course design. Every day, our bodies shift from the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and replenish) to the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and back again as we go from home to work, or from a … Read More

The Art of Empathy retreat in April!

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The Art of Empathy Retreat in California! Balancing Connection, Self-Care, and Healthy Intimacy April 1st to 6th, 2018 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California Empathy — for yourself and others — is a crucial skill at all times, and especially in times of trouble. Empathy is possibly your most essential skill, yet many of us struggle with it simply because we weren’t taught how it works. When you … Read More

Befriending Sadness

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Welcoming Flow into Your Life ~Monday, January 22nd to Friday, February 16th~ This experiential online course helps you welcome the healing flow of sadness and explore its relationship with your other emotions. This course is based on the The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren, and her applied work, Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI). When your sadness is flowing and welcome in your life, then everything seems … Read More

3 Secrets Healthy Empaths Know That Transform Stuck Emotional Patterns

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By Jessica Moore, Licensed DEI Trainer Are you a sensitive person who feels just a bit too much? Do you struggle with cycling anxiety or self-criticism? Do you sometimes just wish your emotions would go away and give you a break? I am here to tell you that even though your emotions may be causing problems for you, your emotions themselves are not the problem. If … Read More

Emotional Flow online!

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Becoming Fluent in The Language of Emotions Starts Monday, November 27th 8 weeks of self-paced multi-media learning, Q&A, forum interactions, and downloadable content $165 Emotional Flow will help you access the genius inside your emotions Your emotions are absolutely essential to every aspect of your intelligence and perception — yet few of us were ever taught how to work with them skillfully. In this self-paced 8-week … Read More

Taking Life in Stride

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An emotions-based equine experience Led by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed DEI® Trainer & Consultant Co-facilitated by Andrea Watkins, licensed DEI® Trainer & Consultant  Humans are emotional beings. There’s no denying it, no matter how hard we try. Thankfully, having emotions is a really good thing. Emotions teach us about life, ourselves, and how to live with other people. They show our friends and partners who we are, … Read More

Elemental Balance Online

~ Honoring Your Whole Self ~ Monday, October 16th – Friday, November 7th   We are not just our minds. We are not just our bodies. Nor are we just our emotions or our spirits. Our whole selves are made up of all of these things. Quaternity theory looks at all of our different elements: mind, body, emotion, and spirit, as essential parts of who we … Read More

Befriending Anger in September!

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Befriending Anger Skills to Help You Make an Ally Out of Anger ~ Monday, September 11th to Friday, October 6th, 2017 ~  Anger is a vital emotion that helps you set boundaries, identify what’s important to you, and access strength, justice, and love. However, very few of us have been taught to view anger in this way (or to work with it in helpful ways). Learning … Read More

A Healthy Empathy® retreat at 1440 Multiversity!

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Healthy Empathy® How to Give Without Giving it All Away Karla McLaren, M.Ed and Tino Plank, MSN, RN November 24th to 26th, 2017, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California $325 plus accommodations (see the 1440 Multiversity site for your options) Continuing Education credits are available (see below) Learn more or register here Health and healing professionals who demonstrate empathy provide better care with … Read More

The Intelligence in Anger

by Anchen Texter, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer and consultant Anger is an everyday emotion. If you like to have the radio on a certain station, it’s your anger that helps you speak up to keep it there. If you like to have your coffee with cream and sugar, it’s your anger that helps you ask for it at the diner. If you like to look out the … Read More

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