Camilla Jørgensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant

Camilla Jørgensen is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and offers DEI workshops throughout Europe. Camilla is an experienced massage therapist and ICF certified coach who has taught meditation and self development workshops for the past 4 years. Camilla´s focus is on helping you discover the gifts and messages in your emotions, emotion regulation skills, and healthy empathy. Her interest is sharing how to engage wisely with your emotions and your empathy.

DEI Trainer Badge

Camilla’s Teaching Philosophy: The more I learn about emotions, the more I understand that they are wise guides and precise messengers from the deepest part of me. Growing up, my emotions were suppressed, neglected, and often shamed. I didn’t learn how to engage with or understand them. Learning to do that with DEI has been a huge gift for me — it has changed my life. I teach because I want to share that gift with you.