Understanding the Intelligence in Your Anger

by Anchen Texter, Dynamic Emotional Integration® trainer and consultant. Anger is an everyday emotion. If you like to have the radio on a certain station, it’s your anger that helps you speak up to keep it there. If you like to have your coffee with cream and sugar, it’s your anger that helps you ask for it at the diner. If you like to look out the window … Read More

Anger Speaks

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~ What your anger really wants you to know ~ Have you ever felt so determined and clear about something that you deeply care about? Did you know that determination is a form of anger? Anger is essential to the wellbeing of ourselves and others, yet many of us are misinformed on how to recognize it and work with it, especially when it shows up in … Read More

Befriend your sadness and change your life

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Letting go, relaxing, and rejuvenating: These are the gifts of sadness Online course starts Monday, April 1st at Empathy Academy This course is for: Everyone. We need the gifts of sadness Your healthy sadness is a healing force of almost magical proportions. Sadness is the amazing down-regulator of the emotional realm. Your healthy sadness can help you let go of ideas that are outdated, things that don’t work, … Read More

Have You Ever Found Yourself Uninspired, Out of Steam?

You may need to bring more Balance and Flow into your life. ~ Sunday, March 31 ~ Roseneath, Ontario, Canada ~ 9:30am to 12pm Join Francine Bélanger, Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and experienced Yoga Teacher, to explore your inner balance and how you can improve balance and flow in your daily life, making it possible to access the deep knowledge … Read More

Dynamic Emotional Integration® begins in April!

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The Self-Care Track of the DEI program begins on Monday, April 29th. Your emotions contain vital wisdom and healing powers that aren’t available anywhere else. When you know how to listen to your emotions and work with them directly, they can support you in astonishing ways. Dynamic Emotional Integration® (or DEI) helps you access the genius in your emotions and your empathy to support whole-life awareness and … Read More

New! Empathy and Self-Care Course

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Tending your world without losing yourself ~ 4-week online course starts Monday, March 18th ~ Whether you realize it or not, your empathy and your emotions are always working on behalf of you and your relationships. When you understand how essential your emotions and empathy are in navigating the complexities of living, you can take better care of them, and of yourself. Learning to balance the … Read More

Emotional Genius begins in February!

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Discovering the Brilliance in Your Emotions 6-week online course starts Monday, February 18th Learn more or register here Emotions are possibly your greatest source of instincts, intelligence, and energy — and you can learn how to access the brilliance in each one of them. All emotions contain genius, and your emotions are vital for thinking, learning, and understanding others. Each of your emotions is essential, and … Read More

Emotions and Resolutions

~ by Sherry Jean Olander, DEI Trainer & Consultant ~ Most people I know don’t even bother to make New Year’s resolutions. Some folks who really want to make lasting changes in their life start out with the best of intentions, but you know the drill – they end up overwhelmed, discouraged, and depressed by the 2nd week of January. Are you one of these people? … Read More

Boundaries for Bodyworkers Course

Balanced Empathy and Self-Care to Prevent Burnout Starts Monday January 7th – 6 weeks Online at Empathy Academy – $215 *6-18 CEUs available During this difficult time, many of us are turning to our caregivers and healers for support: healthcare professionals, bodyworkers, and counselors. We expect these people to be available, emotionally stable, and prepared to help us — yet something few of us ask is: … Read More

Holiday Course for Emotions

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Are you ready for the holidays? If you are like many others, this question might bring up a lot of emotions. When you think of the holidays do you feel stressed, depressed, or anxious? You’re not alone. Emotions can be overwhelming if you don’t understand them or know how to work with them. With the combination of traveling, family gatherings, financial strains, and expectations on every … Read More

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