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Art of Empathy Retreat at Esalen!

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Balancing Connection, Self-Care and Healthy Intimacy

~ October 1 to 6,  2017 ~
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California

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Empathy is possibly your most essential skill. It helps you understand yourself and others, and it is the core skill in your ability to communicate and relate to the world around you. However, many of us trip over empathy because we were never taught how it works. In this workshop, you’ll be taught new ways to work with your empathy and your emotions in order to create more successful connections. You’ll explore:

• The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model, which makes empathy clearly understandable

• A unique empathic approach to emotions as carriers of vital messages, skills, and intelligence

• Five Empathic Mindfulness practices to help you live more comfortably and authentically in each moment

• Specific empathic communication skills to nurture healthy empathy in all of your relationships

• Numerous self-soothing skills to help you access your empathy in challenging situations

• Ideas and practices to help you create healthy empathic environments in your relationships, at home and at work

Explore how to manage intense empathy more comfortably, and develop tools to understand empathy’s deeper layers, and work with them more skillfully. No matter where you start, you can learn how to develop intentional, sustainable, and healthy empathy.

Recommended reading: Karla McLaren, The Art of Empathy and The Language of Emotions; Richard Davidson, The Emotional Life of Your Brain.

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