Anxiety and Anger

Join Karla McLaren and Anxioneers and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals Pia Ault in Mijas, Spain, Camilla Jørgensen from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Marion Langford in Ontario, Canada, in this discussion about the many ways that anxiety and anger work together to support us.



Marion shares how her anger helped her set boundaries around how her time was being used in the tasks she was asked to complete, and how anger helped redirect her anxiety to other kinds of work.

Pia discusses how anger and anxiety are working together to help her transition from one identity as a corporate worker living in one country to figuring out what she values and how she wants to spend her time going forward in the country she’s moving to. 

As Karla points out, anger helps us identify what’s truly important and what really needs to get done in relation to the multiple tasks our anxiety wants us to complete, and Camilla talks about the challenges of feeling anxiety without anger, which shows how important it is that they work together, especially when there’s a lot to get done!

Embracing Anxiety is available here.

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