Anger Speaks

~ What your anger really wants you to know ~

Have you ever felt so determined and clear about something that you deeply care about?

Did you know that determination is a form of anger?

Anger is essential to the wellbeing of ourselves and others, yet many of us are misinformed on how to recognize it and work with it, especially when it shows up in more subtle ways. Learning its language will begin to transform the way you look at and hear what this vital emotion is trying to communicate.

It’s time we bring anger back to its rightful place so it no longer needs to elevate and become destructive in misunderstanding. Whether it’s been troubling you or you’re troubled by it in others, bring your curiosity and be ready to be surprised as you learn about the true nature of anger and what this vital emotion really wants you to know.

Join Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant Jeanette Brynn along with Heidi Thompson for this informative and fun workshop as part of the Women Soul Gathering East in Maryland.

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The vision of Woman Soul Gathering is to provide an opportunity for women to gather in circle with respected elders to see and witness each other, to listen and encourage one another in stepping more fully into the unique gifts we each carry, gifts that are so needed in the world right now.

DatesThursday, May 16th – Sunday, May 19th
LocationMar-Lu-Ridge Retreat Center


Jeanette Brynn is a dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant living in Seattle, Washington. Jeanette’s passion to connect with and support people’s unique gifts and the genius their life stories hold has informed her career as a hairstylist, and has guided her to the work of DEI. She has trained as a Life and Mind/Body coach, and her work centers on creatively engaging with individuals and groups so that they may begin to recognize the unique wisdom their emotions have been and are guiding them to know.


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