A better way to think about shame


In our Emotion Dynamics Facebook group, we search for images or messages that treat emotions and empathy with respect, but we don’t find many.

Especially not for shame!

So we usually have to create our own!

This meme helps us think more clearly about the gifts of shame. Feel free to share this Better Meme.

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Description: Periwinkle background with these words in white:

Shame is essential.

Shame keeps me upright and accountable, and it helps me become a person of my word.

My shame stops me from stepping off of the path I’ve set for myself, and it helps me live up to the agreements I’ve made and the morals I value.

The healing work with shame is to make sure that my agreements are worthy of my shame, and that my morals are livable, appropriate, and intentionally chosen by me.

When I can free my shame from unlivable agreements or soul-killing moral values, my healthy shame can set me free.

~ Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

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