A better way to think about fear, anxiety, and panic

In our Emotion Dynamics Facebook group, we search for images or messages that treat emotions and empathy with respect, but we don’t find many.

So we create our own.

This meme helps you understand the differences and similarities between fear, anxiety, and panic so that you can understand how to work with each one — or all three of them if necessary. Feel free to share this Better Meme.

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Description: Photo of multicolored clouds at sunrise, with this text: 

FEAR helps you focus on the present moment and access your instincts and intuition as you orient to your situation.

ANXIETY helps you focus on the future and create the most intelligent plans to help you complete all of your tasks and projects.

PANIC helps save your life when you’re in danger, and it helps you choose the perfect response so that you (and others) will survive.

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