The Emotional Work of Antiracism

How our Feelings Can Help Us Create a More Just World.

Starts Sunday, February 28th, 2021

6-week online course $275

This experiential online course explores the emotional and empathic work that support antiracism, equality, inclusion, and justice. Join us in working directly with the power in our emotions so that we can challenge and transform racism and inequality — and build a community of justice and healing.

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The Emotional Work of Antiracism

Online at Empathy Academy

Length: 6 weeks

Dates: Sunday, February 28th to Saturday, April 3rd, 2021


    • Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

    • Sheila Diggs, MS, licensed DEI Professional

    • Amanda Ball, MS, licensed DEI Professional

Cost: $275

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Karla McLaren, M.Ed
Sheila Diggs, MS; Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant
Amanda Ball, MS; Licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant


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