Empathy and Self-Care

Tending your world without losing yourself

This course is already in progress, and it will be offered again next year.

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Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

4-week online course $145

Learn to meet the emotional waves of life without depleting yourself!

When you understand how essential your emotions and empathy are in navigating the complexities of living, you can take better care of them, and of yourself. In Empathy & Self-Care, learn how to balance the amount and kind of empathy work you do with the restorative and nourishing self care you need – to live fully in an increasingly chaotic and challenging world.

Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

Empathy & Self-Care

Length: 4 weeks

Dates: Coming Soon!

Instructor: Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant, Sandi Davis

Cost: $145

Empathy Academy Upcoming Courses

Empathy & Self-Care is already in progress but will be offered again next spring. Visit Empathy Academy to see other upcoming courses.

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