Pia Ault

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer

Pia Ault, MS is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer. She lives in Dubai, UAE, and offers DEI workshops and trainings throughout the Emirates. She has her master’s degree in Social Psychology, and is also a certified professional coach and Equine Assisted Coach Practitioner who works with families and individuals experiencing challenges in life, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Pia’s expertise in DEI includes working with anxiety, anger, and shame, and teaching empathic forms of communication to help people develop healthy and intentional empathy in their families and communities.

Pia’s Teaching Philosophy: Emotions are a rich source of information, self-awareness, and awareness of others.The emotions are full of intelligence and energy! I love to help people develop their emotional awareness and empathy so that they can access the brilliance that lives inside them in every moment.