Building a Vibrant Life

A Five-Element Approach

Starts Monday, February 3rd

4-week online course

We are not just our minds. We are not just our bodies. Nor are we just our emotions or our spirits.

Our whole selves are made up of all of these things. Elemental theory looks at all of our different elements: mind, body, emotion, and spirit, as essential parts of who we are. Honoring and supporting all these aspects of yourself can help you live a vibrant life!

In Building a Vibrant Life you’ll be introduced to this theory, and you’ll learn ways to access and incorporate the inherent wisdom and resources of your whole vibrant self.

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Building a Vibrant Life

Dates: Monday, February 3rd to Friday, February 28th, 2020

InstructorDynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer, Sherry Jean Olander, LMT

Price: $135

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