A better way to look at fear

In our Facebook group, The Language of Emotions and Empathy, we search for memes and posts that treat emotions and empathy with respect, but we don’t find many.

So we’ve started creating our own memes that celebrate the gifts, skills, and genius in the emotions, and we’ll present a new one here each month.

Feel free to share these so that Better Memes about emotions will begin to circulate!

This one for fear leans into fear’s gifts of instincts and intuition about the present movement (and it celebrates fear’s general fabulousness).

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Description: Photo of a fisherman balancing skillfully on one leg in the prow of a tilting boat, with the saying: 

Fear arises to help you focus on the present moment, access your instincts, and tune into changes in your environment.

~ EmotionDynamics.org

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